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Thought Economics interviews individuals who are impacting our lives. Between them, they have achieved accolades ranging from being one of the first from our civilisation to step foot on the moon, to bringing the telephone to India, developing countries, changing our understanding of life and the universe, running the biggest sports and film events in the world, ending wars, and more. Some of the individuals interviewed are household names internationally, and some are not well-known but are still having a profound influence on the way our world works.

Thought Economics has been an Official Honoree at the 2012, 2013 and 2015 Webby Awards.  The site has been honoured for Best Writing (Editorial) alongside the New York Times, the BBC, The Paris Review, Vanity Fair, The Financial Times and National Geographic.

The Writer Behind Thought Economics:
All the interviews and articles on this site are conducted and written by Vikas Shah. Vikas is an experienced award-winning entrepreneur and strategist who has, for the past 15 years, built businesses in sectors ranging from design & technology, to textiles & commodities, brands, professional services and leisure. He is also an advisor to numerous entrepreneurs, businesses, and organisations globally. Alongside Thought Economics, he also writes for AllAboutAlpha.com (the official publication of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association) and Manchester Business School’s “Transforming Management” magazine. He has previously written for various publications including .net magazine, and is regularly called upon to provide commentary and opinion (and has featured in publications including Director, Brand Strategy, Business 550 and the Economist).Vikas is also an accomplished photographer and poet.

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